A Look Inside The Jone Engine

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Technical Section

Our Revolutionary New Engine

The Jones Engine concept embodies nearly a century of Otto Cycle internal combustion technology into a unique new design that dramatically increases the torque output and efficiency of the engine.

  • This new design allows for a near lossless energy transfer:  Combustion Cycle to Combustion Cycle.
  • Its operation always places maximum available torque on the crankshaft.

Moving Forward Means Understanding The Past

  • Further development of this old design is akin to putting a new saddle on an old horse.  It’s simply not going to do much more.
  • This is not to say that enhancements such as fuel injection, 4 valves per cylinder, turbo-charging, etc haven’t bettered the concept. The point is that the efficiency of this engine concept has reached a plateau.
  • Further efficiency gains beyond this point will be very limited.

Download Our Technical Presentation

Click here to download a PDF of our Jones Engine Technical Presentation.